Course Description

The course will examine the varied relations between Jews and Christians from antiquity to the present, focusing on the ways in which Jews and Christians have thought about and represented the other, and the issues that have divided the two communities.  We will trace the origins of Christian anti-Judaism and examine how theology, culture, politics, and economics contributed to the formation of antisemitism in the Medieval and modern periods.  We will also study how Jews have understood Christianity and responded to Christian claims about Jews and Judaism.

Course Objectives

Course Materials

Required texts

Edward Kessler, An Introduction to Jewish-Christian Relations (Cambridge University Press, 2011)

William Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice, Folger Library (Simon and Schuster, 2010)

Additional materials

Readings from ancient, Medieval, and modern sources are posted on Sakai (in the “Resources” folder) and are also available through this site's online syllabus.

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