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Discussion boards and communication tools will be available at this course's Blackboard site (click here and login using your email ID and password)


Syllabus: Click here to download the paper syllabus distributed on the first day of class.


Plagiarism Pledge: Click [link removed] to download and sign the Plagiarism Pledge (PDF;  Adobe Acrobat Reader required). Reminder: No written work will be graded until this signed pledge is submitted to your TA


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Course description, requirements, materials

Schedule of readings and links to online reading assignments

Thematic outlines of professor's lectures

Meeting places and times for discussion sections, and section topics

Guides to the readings from the Bible

Guidelines for the class written assignments

Guides (maps, charts, timelines, terms) to facilitate studying

Online Bibles and other useful resources and websites

Frequently asked questions, including "How do I do well in this class?" and "What is plagiarism?"

How, when, and where to contact the professor and teaching assistants





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