Translations of ancient texts

On this part of my website you'll find various Latin and Greek texts I translated into English over the years for use in scholarship and teaching. Please feel free to make of these yourself, and to share widely (although note that I have copyrighted these translations with a Creative Commons license: if you do use and share, please include credit.) If you find any changes or corrections, or have suggestions for annotations or additions, feel free to reach out to me: andrew [at] andrewjacobs [dot] org.

Piacenza Pilgrim (570 CE, Latin)

Ps.-Amphilochius of Iconium, In circumcisionem et Basilium (6th [?] cen. CE, Greek)

Zeno, On the Lord's Birth II (before 380 CE, Latin)

Maximos the Confessor, Letter 8 (end), On the forced conversion of Jews and Samaritans (632 C.E., Greek)

John Chrysostom, On Changing Names (late 4th cen. CE, Greek)

Bordeaux Pilgrim (333 CE, Latin)

Teaching of Jacob Newly Baptized (c. 640 CE, Greek)

Amphilochius of Iconium, Against the Heretics (Against False Asceticism) (late 4th cen. CE, Greek)

Hippolytus of Rome, On Christ and Antichrist (c. 200 CE, Greek)

Epiphanius of Cyprus, Letter to John of Jerusalem (395 CE, Latin translated from Greek)

Epiphanius of Cyprus, Letter to Jerome (400 CE, Latin translated from Greek)

Celsus (Africanus), Letter to Vigilius (On Jewish Disbelief) (late 3rd cen. CE [?], Latin)

Ps.-Basil of Seleucia, Life of Thecla (c. 445 CE, Greek)

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